Free Metal, Gold & Jewelry Testing Service

Cash Canada

  • 100% free service!
  • Only takes a few seconds
  • Test is non-destructive and will not harm your valuables
  • Available at a Cash Canada Pawn store near you!

Would you like to find out more about your gold and precious metal jewelry?

Things like what does it weigh? What is the exact content of the metal? Is it solid or is it gold plated? Is it 10 or 18 carat? What is its value?

You can find out the answer to all these questions by bringing your jewelry to us for a free precious metal analysis.

The process is simple. We place your item into our hi-tech gold analyzing machine (each precious metal analyzer costs over $30,000!) In just a few seconds the machine scans the item and prints out a report of weight, content and quality. From this information we can give you an approximate value of your item.

Bring in as much as you like. The process is totally non-invasive. No scraping or acid testing is needed so you jewelry is not harmed or marked in any way. Itís a great way to find out just what youíve got!

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