The Pawn Princess

Cash Canada

The Pawn Princess is a living symbol of Cash Canadaís commitment to excellence and best of class service in the pawn industry.

The Pawn Princess came into being in 2009 as a novel way to provide best of class customer service training to our front line staff. In the beginning the Pawn Princess would go into our stores and actually demonstrate how to engage and delight our clients by working with our staff on the floor and from behind the counter. It proved to be a very effective way to teach and model great customer service.

Of course with her special Princess powers she was able to offer clients deals, discounts and special favours to really make the magic happen.

We found that when e we involved the Pawn Princess it became fun and engaging for the staff. And we noticed that even our customers were really getting into it.

When we started to see some interest from our clients we realized that we may have stumbled onto something bigger than we thought and we began to develop the Pawn Princess as a spokesperson and face of the brand. After all who would not want to shop in a store with its very own Princess!

To accomplish this we created a more defined Pawn Princess character wearing an authentic gown, stylized hair and tiara. Limos and horse drawn carriages are also part of the Pawn Princess package.

The Pawn Princess | Cash Canada

The Pawn Princess is the living symbol of our commitment to providing best of class service and products in the Canadian pawn industry

The brand connection with the Pawn Princess runs throughout the operation. Her image appears on marketing materials with themed promotions and messages.

The Pawn Princess reaches out in person and on social media to execute a number of grassroots charity and public service initiatives that provide one-on-one help for the communities, families and individuals we serve.

Letís look at each of these connections in a bit more detail

Gift Certificate | Cash Canada

The Pawn Princess is a consistent feature in all elements of our pawn marketing and communication strategy. She has appeared in print, on radio and on television.

The Pawn Princess makes frequent appearances in our stores appearances the where she grants free pawn loans, offers substantial discounts on merchandise, and hands out $10 gift certificates that clients can use to spend like cash.

Pawn Princess BBQ | Cash Canada

When the weather is good we spread the events outdoors with merchandise displays, BBQís, games and other activities. These events are about having fun and letting our clients know that we appreciate their business.

The most popular Facebook event we sponsor is the "Princess for a Day Contest"

In this contest we ask moms to enter to win by posting a picture of their little princess and telling us why she should be Princess For A Day and share an exciting mom and daughter weekend with the Pawn Princess.

We have been running the contest for 6 years and last year we had almost 300 entries which is an overwhelming response. And itís no wonder.

The prize package is really cool, especially for young moms and daughters who are not used to being treated like royalty.

Little Princess | Cash Canada

The Mom and Daughter Pawn Princess Fantasy Weekend includes transportation for two to Edmonton, two nights luxury accommodations with breakfast in bed, Little Princess gown and crown, manicure, pedicure, hair styling, a professional studio shoot a royal limo tour of the Pawn Kingdom and other fun Princess stuff; including $1,500 cash to celebrate being "Princess for a Day"!

On top of all this they are wined, dined and gifted personally by the Pawn Princess. All of our winners have come from different backgrounds and it is a joy to see how much they appreciate the opportunity we give them to enjoy a once in a lifetime treat. Weíve had 5 beautiful winners.

Here are photos of the winners from 2011 to 2015

Wish it Forward | Cash Canada

Supporting our communities: Wish it Forward Fund

Cash Canada is a company that believes in exhibiting an attitude of gratitude and giving back to the communities and individuals that we serve. So it is natural that the actions of the Pawn Princess extend beyond the marketing and operations side of the business to focus on those who need a little hope for the future.

To help us accomplish this the Pawn Princess hosts a number of fund raising events in support of her Wish It Forward Fund. The mission of the Wish it Forward Fund is to spread kindness one random act at a time.

Throughout the year our clients and employees make requests on behalf of families and individuals who are going through a rough time and need a little help. All requests for help are approved by the Cash Canada executive team and usually administered on behalf of the company by the Pawn Princess. The fund has granted dozens of wishes to many deserving people.

Secret Santa | Cash Canada

Another example of how The Pawn Princess brings together the power of branding, social media, and community advocacy. Is our "Secret Santa" Initiative.

Secret Santa invites our Facebook fans to ask the Pawn Princess to make a Christmas wish come true for someone who deserves a special treat.

Last year we received almost 300 requests many from out of province and even out of country. From all of the requests we selected 10 that we felt best suited for the Secret Santa mission.

Once we selected the winners the Pawn Princess gets on the phone and email to notify the Secret Santaís that we will be granting their wish and have them arrange a time and place for the Pawn Princess to show up with her entourage to deliver the Secret Santa surprise. Folks receiving the gifts are totally surprised and their reactions are priceless. Here is a good example of a Secret Santa success.

On the day we were delivering the Secret Santa gifts one of our store managers discovered this couple sleeping in their car outside his store. The manager called The Pawn Princess to request that we help in some way. What happened next for this couple was their very own Christmas Miracle. In response to the request The Pawn Princess got them out of the cold and into a motel for a week and bought them groceries and supplies to see them through Christmas.

In another twist of fate for the couple a relative recognized them on our Facebook feed and contacted The Pawn Princess. The family had been trying to contact them for some time but had been unable to connect. So we got a double bonus. Not only did we help this amazing couple out when they were in need but our random act of kindness reconnected them with their family.

So whatís next?

The Pawn Princess will continue to symbolize Cash Canada as the face of the company. She will enhance the image of the brand and spread good news and kindness. She will support and introduce grassroots community initiatives to help those we serve. The Pawn Princess is only one person, but the power of The Pawn Princess is in the many.